Create perfect stacks of blanks at up to 500 m/min (1600 ft/min)

Fully automate your web-fed blank stacking processes. Imagine a system fully flexible to setup automatically for short runs, while still having the ability to run up to 500 m/min (1600 ft/min). The Madern Automation technique of separating stack batches in the elevator ensures perfect stacks, allowing for full stack handling automation downstream. Vacuum Transfer Section: Gently handles each blank as it departs the Rotary Die Cutter or Stripping Drum of a Platen Cutter. This transfer ensures that blanks are perfectly straight exiting the die/stripper, as well as eliminating the need to adjust the gap between the exit point of die/stripper and the askew. Perfect stacks require 100% blank control. This system achieves that.

  • From 2 to 10 across
  • Speeds up to 500 m/min (1600 ft/min)
  • Stack heights 150mm (6”) (Manual takeoff) to 750mm (30”) facilitating downstream stack handling automation
  • Perfectly aligned stacks thanks to the unique CSi jogging system
  • Suitable for handling a wide variety of blank types
  • Short change-over time
  • Batch divider in stack elevator
  • Jogging plates automatic adjustable in the Cross Direction (CD)
  • No need for accumulation (collator) section
  • Full and Safe Access and easy maintenance of all areas
  • Small footprint

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