Besides the basic instruction which is a part of the delivery of any new Madern Automation system, CSi offers a wide portfolio of in-depth training.

These training programs has the following advantages at system handover, as well as any time during the systems lifecycle;

  • Provides high skilled operators
  • Creates In-depth knowledge of your technical staff
  • Results in faster MTTR. (Mean Time To Repair)
  • Better and faster problem solving

Training and coaching by a specialist guarantees a high level of knowledge, skills and understanding. In addition, the self-confidence of the staff increases, ensuring that they will analyze problems better and faster. With an in-depth understanding of issues, the right choices can and will be made to get the system up and running in the shortest possible time. It also enables the development of preventative actions and modifications for further improvements. In this way training and coaching leads even more to improved profitability.

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